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FREE Georgia DDS Permit Practice Test Five 2019 | GA

With the Teenage & Adult Driver Responsibility Act (TADRA), minors in Georgia who are preparing to drive will need to complete a graduated license program. At 15, potential drivers may take a written knowledge exam based on the 2019 Georgia Drivers Manual. The written exam is divided into 20 multiple-choice questions on road rules, and 20 multiple-choice questions on road signs. You’ll need to pass each section with at least 15 of the 20 questions answered correctly, to pass. If you pass one section and fail the other, you will only be required to retake the sections you failed. Your knowledge test will be offered at your local DDS Customer Service Center, where you’ll also be required to take a vision test, provide proof of identity, proof of school attendance if you’re a minor, and pay a $10 permit fee. To retake one or both portions of your test you’ll need to repay the $10 permit fee, there will also be a $10 license fee when you’re ready to take your driving test for your intermediate license. This DDS practice test will help you study for both sections of the knowledge test as it very similar to the real exam, with the same style of questions in the same format based on the same information.
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