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FREE Georgia DDS Marathon Practice Test [150 Questions] 2018 | GA

Georgia uses a graduated license program for its potential drivers who are under 18. If you’re 15, you may begin the process by taking a written knowledge test to receive your instructional permit. The test is based on the 2018 Georgia Drivers Manual and is split into two topically based sections devoted to road rules and road signs, respectively. To pass the written exam, you will have to score a 75% or better in each section of the test by answering at least 15 of the 20 multiple-choice questions correctly. As a minor, you’re required to hold your permit for a minimum of one year before you may take your driving test. Once you have your permit, you’ll need to complete a driver’s education course and complete at least 40 hours of supervised driving, including night driving, before you may take the driving test for your intermediate license, or you must be at least 17 years old. Each exam, the knowledge test and the driving test, will cost $10 each time you take or retake it. The written test has the benefit of treating each section separately, allowing you to pass one half of your test and retake the other half if needed. This DDS practice test is a marathon of 150 questions that will not end until every single one has been answered correctly. Use it as a handy study guide to test your knowledge as you prepare for your written exam.

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